The Surry Hills Pilates Approach

Our first goal is to help you build body awareness; to arm you with the tools to assess, evaluate and intervene so that your body and mind continually progress toward more functional movement, in the Studio and in your daily life.

At Surry Hills Pilates, we understand the challenges of learning a new way to exercise that requires a mind/body connection. Most of us have spent little time ‘listening’ to our body and how it behaves. Most of our attention is outwardly focused and we take our body performance for granted.

The building blocks start with understanding relaxation, breathing, connection to deeper muscles groups, and releasing tight, overworked large muscles such that you experience how your body performs and you learn to intervene through the exercises; you teach it to become more efficient, graceful, sleek and effortless in its operation.

Initial Assessment and Your Personal Program

Personal supervision is fundamental to the Pilates Method. Careful monitoring of each exercise to ensure appropriate posture, breathing and movement is essential.

Everyone has their own history and no two clients have the same body, so each client undertakes an initial assessment. During this consultation, we will take an oral history, assess your movement and discuss goals and exercise programs. This involves the physical assessment of your posture, range of movement and ‘core’ strength, along with any chronic or rehabilitation issues.

From the initial assessment a tailored program is developed. Each program is a combination of exercises designed to match your goals and body needs.


Your program will normally take up to an hour to complete. Once your program has been designed you can choose either one-on-one private sessions or semi private sessions (2 clients). See Timetable and Rates for details.

The studio is fully equipped with the Pilates-developed exercise equipment ensuring a complete range of exercises to work each of the body’s muscle groups – something which cannot be done alone with ‘mat’ style Pilates programs.

When all your muscles are developed as a matter of course you will perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure


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